XCopy Takes Down $22M in 10 Minutes, Ecommerce in the Metaverse and More

We are back with another TWINN (This Week in NFT News) and the top Story is XCopy. He offered an open edition available to anyone that was interested but you had to act quickly. The sale was live for just 10 minutes. More than 7,000 copies later and a cool $22 million in Ether-based proceeds and it was over. There are a lot more XCopy collectors today than a week ago as so many people jumped in to buy the most affordable XCopy artwork available. That was complemented by some auctions of rarer pieces but it was the token for the masses that generated the biggest stir this time around for the artist that is synonymous with NFT culture.

Niftorious Show co-host Skot Leach was one of those buyers that acquired his first XCopy item for his collection. He goes through his thought process and lingering excitement about the purchase even though the price has not changed from the mint. Sometimes it’s about the art and artist more than the unrealized gains in your NFT portfolio.

Brands in NFT Lands

In our recurring segment, Brands in NFT Lands, we go into depth on the implication of Sketchers renting out retail store space in Decentraland. Shopping in a 3D space on your own or with a friend is a powerful metaverse use case that seems destined to arrive in 2022. We also catch up on the Estee Lauder NFT drop associated with Fashion Week and Floyd Mayweather’s return to crypto with NFTs and a promised metaverse.

More Projects and Marketplaces

We also have updates on Bord Ape Yacht Club (the news just doesn’t stop coming), VeeFriends (another project with endless news), and Mekaverse. There are also segments on marketplaces from VeVe and Gamestop. Once again it is jam-packed and we hope it is an easy way for you to keep abreast of the evolution of the NFT market and what the various moves mean in the broader market context. Follow C-Rex and Skot for more updates throughout the week.

Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 02:20 Sketchers to Launch Store in Decentraland
  • 09:30 Surfacing Products in Immersive VR
  • 12:09 Estee Lauder NFT Drop
  • 13:59 Floyd Mayweather Mayweverse
  • 17:00 GT Racing
  • 22:00 Xtep Chinese Shoe NFTs for the “Running Metaverse”
  • 25:30 VeVe Digital Collectibles Hacked
  • 33:05 Gamestop NFT Marketplace is Almost Here?
  • 35:50 Gary Vee Veecon Ticket Drop Art Token Reveal
  • 41:15 Chart – Ape Coin Maintains Value
  • 47:25 Timbaland Backs Yuga Labs
  • 48:44 Frosties Rug Pullers Arrested
  • 52:24 Mekaverse Mekabot Hack or Fraud?
  • 54:32 Average Creatures Drops Fun Collection
  • 58:24 Xcopy Pulls in $22 Million in 10 Minutes
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