West African Art Fair Shows NFT Art with SuperRare

Art X Lagos is showcasing a selection of NFT art from African digital artists. The art fair is the first West African international show to include NFTs, in a show called “Reloading…”, in partnership with SuperRare. The physical show ran in Lagos, Nigeria and the online show is running until 21 November. Digital artists from more than six countries have their work on display.

Why it’s important

NFT art has exploded in recent years and is set to continue, especially if it gets more attention globally from non-Western artists and collectors. The availablity of more diverse artworks from around the world has the potential to feed the creativity of the whole community. There is still a long way to go however.

  • ArtTactic reports that in the first 9 months of 2021, “more than 73% of NFT creators are from England, America, or Canada” and less than 16% of all NFT artists are female. Less than 4% are from Africa.
  • ART X Lagos says it is is “determined to support this revolution, especially one that can be such an empowering tool for African artists. For this year’s physical and online art fair, ART X Lagos will present a carefully curated mix of exceptionally diverse and inspiring digital artists from across the African continent and the diaspora.”

The artists

  • Osinachi is regarded as Africa’s foremost digital artist. He was born in Abu, Nigeria and taught himself digital art skills using Microsoft Word, which he still prefers to work with. In 2018, he was the first Nigerian artist to be displayed at the Ethereal Summit in New York. In October, he sold five NFTs at Christie’s in London for a total of £155,000 (about $200,000).
  • Other artist include Idris Veitch, HelloMrColor, MDD, PR$DNT HONEY, Adesola, moonsundiamond, Nyahan’s World, Linda Dounia Rebeiz and Linda Dounia Rebeiz. Their works are on SuperRare in the “Reloading…” collection.
  • All the artists are from African countries and the diaspora, including Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda and Senegal.

What’s next

NFT and digital art provides a new channel for African artists to reach a global audience, many for the first time. They will be able to assert their influence in the community amongst other artists and collectors. Art X Lagos says, “we hope to provide a glimpse into the future of art-making and collection on the continent, whilst highlighting the enormous potential of NFTs in the development of Africa’s creative ecosystems.”

The Future is Female by Osinachi. Superrare.

Art X Lagos




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