Ukraine Taps NFTs to Fund Military, NFT Prices Drop Despite Strong February Numbers – VIDEO

Creatorious Rex and Skot Leach lead off with the February OpenSea data deep dive and reveal not just the average price per NFT in February but also the big difference between the first half and second half of the month. February was a blockbuster but only the first half.

Ukraine, The Sandbox Alpha 2, and More

The hosts also discuss how independent communities are using NFTs to raise money for Ukraine and how the government is doing the same thing to fund the Ukrainian army. There is even be a short discussion about how this movement could be a threat to web2 platforms such as Go Fund Me. There is also an extensive breakdown of several brands invading NFT lands and a discussion around The Sandbox’s Alpha 2 season launch.

More Brands in NFT Lands

The Brands in NFT Lands segment we have Michael Jordan, Leon Bridges, Wrangler, CVS, Wing Stop, and Southwestern University. It seems that every brand is either taking steps to engage with NFTs and/or the metaverse or they are filing for IP and trademark protection so they can do it later.

Time Stamps

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