This Week in NFT News – Art Basel, Budweiser, and Feudalism in Decentraland

C-Rex and Skot start out by discussing the mechanics of the Niftorian NFT project, how mint passes work, and the idea behind the NFT artist accelerator. Skot offers his perspective on his own community of NFT Mystics and how Niftorian adds a new element by bringing together many artists into the project.

They also go deep on Art Basel and the first-time full-on promotion of NFTs plus the rationalization movement around NFT impact on the environment. The conversation includes a discussion of the Banksy and Warhol fractionalization sales and how that may impact NFT sales going forward.

Brands in NFT Lands

This is followed by the weekly segment on Brands. This week Budweiser and The Matrix are featured alongside two automakers that will be among the first in their industry to mint NFTs.

Will the Metaverse Be a Feudal Society?

We finish up with a discussion of NFT metaverse land sales and whether the rising prices are destined to create a feudal system of land owners and peasants in many of the metaverse spaces. It’s a novel discussion and Skot is a big land holder in several metaverses who has been thinking about this for some time.

Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Welcome to this week in NFT news
  • 2:13 Niftorian NFT Project background and Q&A
  • 5:03 Skot: How the 13 other Niftorian NFT artists pushed him to do more
  • 14:42 How the mint pass process works in any NFT project
  • 17:22 Details on the Niftorian PFP Drop
  • 26:52 Art Basel welcomes NFTs
  • 30:06 Artist Quasimondo generates AI portraits of attendees and minting them on Tezos.
  • 31:52 Art Basel – Banksy and Warhol Fractionalized!
  • 38:30 The Matrix queues up and sells out
  • 44:47 Budweiser and the Budverse
  • 49:25 Two automakers to launch NFTs with Veve
  • 50:58 Buy land! Are we headed toward a feudal metaverse?
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