Otherside Bored Ape Breakdown, NFT Market Data, Gift Goats, and More

The biggest news in NFT land since Moonbirds was definitely Otherdeed land sales for the Otherside Metaverse by Bored Ape Yacht Club. And, this was much, much bigger than Moonbirds. Skot Leach and Creatorious Rex go deep through to the Otherside in this edition of the TWINN (This Week in NFT News). We cover the premise behind the project led metaverse, the gas wars, Kodas, and the amount of Ape Coin BAYC just raked in to add to its very large recent VC check.

NFT Market Data and Coinbase

We also take a look at NFT market data and some new NFT trading patterns that showed up in April. That is complemented by a discussion about whether Coinbase’s NFT marketplace has made any impact at all. It certainly doesn’t seem to be driving new user behavior and it’s nothing like the impact of the LooksRare launch.

Brands in NFT Lands

For brands in NFT lands we talk about Johnny Walker Blue Label and the VeeFriends Gift Goat. Skot is a lucky (shrewd) owner of a Gift Goat and we look at the new NFT and whiskey drop by VeeFriends. Just based on the NFTs that have accompanied the Gift Goat physical drops, Skot breaks down the break-even analysis for the token.

Time Stamps

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