Nice Fun Zombies NFT – Breaking Through the NFT Recession Post Mint

We have a lot to unpack with @rayminbi, the founder of the Nice Fun Zombies NFT project. It is a utility-based NFT project that involves owner decisions to enhance the experience. These decisions are based on game theory and can have a big impact on the NFT owners’ experiences with the project.

The mechanic for manifesting the game theory is the idea of locations. That decision also drove the art subject matter because @rayminbi was thinking about how Zombies choose to go to places and that largely drives their own experience in a story.

What to do when you don’t sell out on mint day

@rayminbi discusses the entire NFT project lifecycle from idea conception through recruiting team members, art production, development, and marketing. This will be useful context for anyone that has not run their own NFT project. He also discusses what to do when you don’t sell out all of your NFTs on mint day.

Not selling out was once common, then it wasn’t, but now is common again. However, there is always the potential that your project takes a reputational hit by not selling out. People may not see it as obviously valuable because the crowds have not #FOMO’d in. @rayminbi talks about this and how important it is to be committed to the vision and building that NFT ownership base by establishing a great community and delivering on the roadmap.

This interview will be educational for everyone and should provide both a reality check and some inspiration to other project founders. Enjoy!

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