NFT Mint Monday’s Poised to Drive More Awareness of Artist Talent in 2022

Yesterday was week two of a new NFT art experiment. #NFTMintMonday is going to continue throughout 2022 with the intent of driving more awareness of artists that are minting high-quality art without all of the hoopla from the NFT hype machines that often distract from the art itself. First conceived by photographer and assistant professor of photography Tommy Mintz (isn’t that a serendipitous name for this program) and quietly launched with fellow photographer and painter Eloise Robbertze, the program is designed to draw attention to all genres of art and artists that might otherwise get lost in an open sea of new drops.

“I was overwhelmed by the potential of just posting my work at any moment. It was distracting as an artist to think, ‘Is this done? Should I post this?’ In order to give myself studio time every week and time to let work mature, I figured why not set a day and time of the week that I would post,” said Tommy Mintz. “This isn’t saying, ‘don’t post NFTs anytime you want.’ Feel free to take #NFTMintMonday up as a pattern. Galleries here in Chelsea normally have openings on Thursdays. In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there is crypto Monday. So, I figured [we should have] a similar time when everybody would post with a similar hashtag on Twitter.”

Creating Concentrated Attention Through Coordinated Activity

Tommy Mintz, Shelf Fungus on a Tree Trunk is Listed on OpenSea

The goal is to create concentrated activity that can bring more attention to participating artists and their work. Not every artist has a large collector following on Instagram or a well-populated Discord community. Mintz continued, “If we organize our time to have a day a week that we post new NFTs and tweet using a uniting hashtag, our time and energy can be funneled a bit to allow for time to focus on work and time to post, tweet, retweet, like, and hopefully have meaningful discussions about each other’s work.”

Mauritius-based artist Eloise Robbertze added, “I have a couple of collections going that I am working on simultaneously. My aim is to mint at least one of those once a week. I have this collection which is called A Walk on the Beach. The aim is to show the beauty and to say, ‘I wish I was there.’ I then have another collection called Sea Glass. That collection is again based on my photography but that is paintings. So, that is using an actual seascape photograph I have taken and creating an abstract painting with that. I have another [collection] that doesn’t have a name yet on KnownOrigin…Again, everything goes to the same coral regeneration program so that is the basis of all of these collections.”

What to Know About NFT Mint Monday

Eloise Robbertze Inhale, Exhale listed on KnownOrigin
  • #NFTMintMonday is the Twitter hashtag artists will be using for their Monday drops through 2022.
  • Mintz, Robbertze, ScoJo, and others discuss Mint Monday art in the Niftorian Discord Community each week. Artists and collectors are welcome to join and connect
  • The Niftorian Society club on Clubhouse will be hosting weekly discussions with artists supporting the NFT Mint Monday program. They will typically be held each Monday at 6:00 pm eastern time but may occasionally start later depending on the schedule of the guests. There are opporutnities for audience members to come on stage and ask questions or make comments. Artists are also encouraged to join in to discuss their own work. You can follow the Niftorian Society on Clubhouse to receive notifications here.
  • You can also follow @tommymintz, @RobbertzeEloise, @CreatoriousRex, @ArtScojo, and @Niftorian for the latests NFT Mint Monday announcements.
  • Mintz and Robbertze are encouraging everyone to use the hashtag and like and share each other’s work to create more amplification and awareness of the art and artists.

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