NFT Artist Accelerator Demo Day 2 Recap

Niftorian was founded to help a million artists more successfully onboard and operate in Web3 in general and the NFT world specifically. A program that emerged from this mission is the world’s first NFT Artist Accelerator. What is an Artist Accelerator? It is an 8-week program for artists focused on education, mentoring, workshops, and camaraderie.

Artists use the time along with new knowledge and connections to refine and extend their NFT projects. It concludes with a Demo Day where the artists review for a private audience the key elements of their NFT project, when it will be available, and how interested collectors can get early access. The recap is from the second NFT Artist Accelerator Demo Day which took place on June 29, 2022.

NFT Artist Demo Day 2

One remarkable aspect of Demo Day is how many interesting innovations are presented. As saturated as the NFT market sometimes seems, the artists continue to impress by generating novel concepts that extend the value of their art beyond the object — be it physical or digital. Another remarkable element is the sheer variety of NFT projects. Demo Day 2 included a world-famous glass sculptor selling NFTs of components of a museum installation that token owners will be able to control. There was an algorithmic photography collection that shows depits what AI sees of our world when in motion, a community focused on healing and self acceptance, a trip into the fifth dimension, poetry, animations, and multiple projects designed to make you smile or think or both.

In today’s recap we go through evey artist’s project. The event was private and there is no publicly available recording of the session as many artists presented proprietary, pre-launch information. Roger Kibbe, David Conquest, and Bret Kinsella break it all down.

The Artists

The second accelerator cohort finished up their program on June 29th. Artists in the cohort include: Suzii Chen, David Cohen, Lee Day, Cynthia DiDonato, Roz Dimon, Diana di Avila, Robert DuGrenier, Manpreet Gill (Retro Manni), Jillian MacDonald, Magdalena Madrigal, Sean O’Grady, Michael Pierre Price, Christine Sciulli, and David Ulloa. Links to all of the artists’ projects can be found by pressing the button below.

Apply to the Accelerator

If you are an artist and would like to apply to be considered for the next accelerator class kicking off in September, click the button below to learn more. If you have questions, join the Niftorian Discord artist community and ask questions in the #accel-public-chat channel. We look forward to meeting you.

Time Stamps

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