Ethereum and NFT Market Melts Down But New Signs of Life Emerge

Wow. What a couple of weeks. From the optimism of Moonbirds and Otherside to the collapse of Ethereum and much of the NFT market with it. There is no financial advice here but Creatorious Rex and guest Roger Kibbe talk about the week that was and some reasons for optimism.

NFT Market Data

The TWINN (this week in NFT news) starts out with a breakdown of the Ethereum rollercoaster over the past year, and its relationship to bitcoin and the U.S. dollar. We then go into OpenSea data and what that is telling us about NFT-related activity. This segment finishes up with an assessment of the top 15 NFTs on Ethereum by trading volume and how most were solidly in negative territory but two bucked the trend and were positive.

Brands and Instagram in NFT Lands

Brands were not the focus this week though we did touch on Goose Island beer and Machester City FC. The more interesting developers were around Instagram and its announcements around imminent support for NFTs and 3D avatars. Kibster and C-Rex also go into one key issue that no one is talking about right now around Instagram and NFTs. It’s a doozy.

We also have a little fun with the Steve Aoki curse, the promise of the Doodles Dooplicator, and a preview of VeeCon. And, there is even a short segment on how much the market values the Adidas NFT tracksuits and C-Rex’s enthusiasm for the Catblox Puma drop. Lots to discuss. Enjoy.

Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:06 Crypto Meltdown Eth and Bitcoin UD Value Chart
  • 7:30 Open Sea Daily Volume
  • 17:30 NFT Collection 7 Day Change by Sales Volume
  • 23:36 IG to add NFTs with Support for ETH and Polygon
  • 38:31 Instagram on the Flow Blockchain
  • 30:57 IG to add Avatars
  • 36:05 Azuki Crash on Previous Zagabond Rug Reveals
  • 41:10 Doodles Dooplicator
  • 46:20 Steve Aoki Curse!
  • 48:40 Brands in NFT Lands
  • 54:44 VeeFriends x VeeCon
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