Colin Goldberg and the Origin of Techspressionism – An Art movement for Our Age

Colin Goldberg is an Bronx-born American artist exploring the relationship between technology and personal expression. “His studio practice bridges multiple disciplines, notably painting, printmaking, digital media, and social sculpture.”

He is best known for coining the term, headlining the original art show using the term, and forming the structure around the movement known as Techspressionsim — “An artistic approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience.” Colin’s career is a chronicle of the digital era and that is the topic of our discussion today in the Niftoroius Artist Spotlight.

Art in the Digital Age

Colin recognizes how impactful digital art has been over the past 30 years. In fact, he has done digital artwork for decades and even launched as the lead designer (and sometimes coder) some of the earliest websites back in the 1990s for brands ranging from Snapple to Popular Science. However, he makes clear that Techspressionism goes beyond digital art. In fact, his pieces are rarely digital alone. They often incorporate a mix of physical and digital techniques.

Techspressionist pieces can be all digital but the category is much broader. A key aspect of Techspressionism is that it embraces abstraction and goes beyond many of the early uses of digital for precise figurative artwork.

Techspressionism on Display

The interview covers about 25 years of Colin’s career and we also take time to discuss an art show he is currently curating at the Southampton Art Center in Long Island, New York. More than 90 artists are represented in the show that runs from April 21st to June 4th. In addition to discussing the art show, Colin shares some artwork from other artists and process pictures from the setup.

You can learn more about the event here.

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