Coinbase NFT Marketplace Launch, VeeFriends2, BAYC Collabs, and More

TWINN (This Week in NFT News) is back and the big news is the launch of Coinbase’s NFT marketplace. It has been heralded as the next great leap in NFT adoption. Coinbase, it is said, will bring NFTs to the masses. Well, it is four months later than promised and looks a bit like an OpenSea clone but Skot and C-Rex break down what it means and what to look for.

Brands in NFT Lands

There are a whole lot of brands on the agenda this week. Ardberg has an interesting NFT with a physical whiskey. The Gold State Warriors have a new club pass associated with post-season tickets. Star Trek is selling space ships and the city of Cannes France is selling NFTs of local landmarks.

More Projects and Marketplaces

We also talk about Amazon’s comments about a potential future NFT marketplace and some updates over at LooksRare. The NFT Marketplace segment continues to be dynamic and is getting more competitive every month.

Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:15 CoinbaseNFT Marketplace Beta
  • 10:13 Looks is not paying to list NFTs
  • 15:23 Amazon may add NFT support in the future
  • 20:58 Ardbeg special cask whiskey NFT
  • 25:30 Golden State Warriors collection
  • 27:27 Star Trek continuum sells out in minutes
  • 29:49 Spike Lee “She’s Gotta Have it” NFT
  • 32:16 Cannes city landmarks as NFTs
  • 38:32 Gary Vaynerchuk VeeFriends 2
  • 49:22 SuperPlastic / BAYC
  • 53:20 Coinbase The Degen Triology (Debut at NFT NYC)
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