Brian Fanzo is Minting an NFT a Day for a Year – Here’s What He’s Learned

We are back with a founder spotlight and have the well-known creator, conference speaker, and Clubhouse and Twitter influencer, Brian Fanzo. Brian launched NFT 365 on 11/11/21 and vowed to mint an NFT a day for a year. He intends to hold all of them for the entire period and then mint a full mosaic of the 365 purchased NFTs and auction it off on 11/11/22.

In parallel, Brian is recording a daily podcast to discuss the experience and share information on the latest purchases, talk about tips for collectors, interview influencers, and generally share useful information. The podcast has done really well of late getting into the top 20 on both Apple and Spotify among tech podcasts.

A Unique NFT Project by Brian Fanzo

This is an interesting project on many levels. First, he is only buying items that mint on that day of the purchase. That means he has a limited selection every day but always has several to choose from. We go through his methodology for researching and scoring the NFT projects before selecting the purchase for the day. We also discuss mistakes he’s made, insights he’s acquired, and how much he’s spent on NFTs and Ethereum gas fees so far.

After minting more than 70 days in a row, there is a lot to discuss including some purchases that might be negatively reflecting on the brand image of the daily collection. A project this ambitious is bound to have a lot of interesting details that emerge below the surface and we cover several of them in our conversation.

NFT Utility and Project Funding

Another really interesting feature of NFT 365 is the funding and utility mechanic. Brian sold 365 NFTs as season passes for #Mint365 for $365 each on the Rally NFT marketplace. Holders of these tokens will be entitled to a 1/365th share of 30% of the sale price of the NFT 365 Mosaic to be auctioned on 11/11/22. Another 22 NFTs called the Founders SuperPOWERED NFT Pass sold for $5,000. These each entitle the owner to 1% of the sale revenue of the NFT 365 mosaic along with exclusive NFT drops to be distributed by Brian and other incentives.

This approach helped Brian raise the funds to buy the NFTs for the collection but also brought together a community that can share in the results. Using the Rally marketplace also enables Brian to distribute his $ADHD social tokens as airdrops to holders and create gated experiences for his collectors. Please like and share the YouTube interview and give Briand and me a follow on Twitter.

Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 4:13 NFT’s A Learn by Doing Space
  • 6:14 NFT365s Blockchain Minter Rollcall
  • 10:10 Solana Marketplace Overview
  • 12:39 NFT365 Project Deep Dive
  • 19:50 Minting Individual Pieces Vs Projects
  • 22:15 Niftorian Project NFT Mint Monday
  • 26:02 Minting to Secondary Marketplaces
  • 29:30 Timing Your Mint
  • 32:52 When you Have a Bunch Of NFTs How do you Decide What to Mint?
  • 41:40 How Does Your Brand Factor into Purchase Decisions
  • 49:12 Cryptodads and Individual Ownership
  • 55:00 Rally Creator Coins and NFTs
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