Brands Storm NFT Lands Again! Also, How Much the Average NFT Costs on OpenSea – VIDEO

This Week in NFT News (TWINN) Ep 28 breaks down the latest market data for NFT sales. We go deep on OpenSea data because it represents about 60-70% of all NFT sales and offers a comprehensive overview of some important market trends. And, looking at the macro trends may just help you avoid problems that trickle down to the micro level on a project-by-project basis. Some interesting insights come out around total sales, total wallets active, and a surprising finding about the average price paid per NFT across the three highest grossing months for NFT sales.

Brands Storm NFT Lands Again

We also have lots of news from big consumer brands entering NFT lands. Bud Light, Victoria’s Secret, Magic the Gathering, Samsung, Game Stop, and the New York Stock Exchange just to name a few. Globally recognized brands are entering the space, sometimes clumsily, despite the risk of negative repercussions from the increasingly vocal anti-NFT crowd. Skot Leach and I break down whether they are just thinking about driving publicity for their latest campaign or actually have a long-term plan.

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